About Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie
More than 10 years ago, my wife Lisa and I began the journey to realize our life long dream. To be independent, have fun, make people laugh and of course prepare the most delectable handcrafted chocolates and pastries imaginable.  Step by step we continue to strive for perfection driven by our love and passion for food and people.
Our company has expanded into a dynamic and stylish facility, a cappuccino bar and Patisserie in both our North Vancouver and Kitsilano location with a staff of 38 which we value as the heart and soul of our business.

Our traditional recipes remain the same while new ones are created every week. In our kitchen you won't find assembly lines or mass production, only the skilled hands of pastry chefs and chocolatiers whose finesse and sensitivity is expressed in every handmade confection.

At Thomas Haas Chocolates, we carefully choose our raw ingredients and select only the best. Our chocolates are perfumed with fine BC wine, oak barrel aged maple syrup from Quebec, vanilla beans from Tahiti, fresh citrus zest, loose leaf teas and organic herbs and spices. Our cakes and pastries are adorned with Fraser Valley hazelnuts and berries, Okanagan fruits and infused with fresh roasted coffee and liqueurs from Alsace and the Black Forest. Whenever possible we source our products directly from the farmer. There are no preservatives or artificial flavours in our kitchens! 

 A fourth-generation patissier, Thomas Haas was first introduced to the delicate art of hand-crafting chocolates and pastries in the kitchen of the Cafe Konditorei Haas that, opened by his great-grandfather in the Black Forest region of Aichhalden, Germany in 1918. Thomas carried the torch and continued his family's long-standing tradition, apprenticing and working with top chefs in Michelin-starred restaurants across Europe en route to earning his stripes as Konditormeister, or Master Pastry Chef.
In 1995, Thomas was lured to Vancouver in the role of Executve Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel, where he met his wife Lisa and twice place in the top-three in the prestigious annual North American Pastry Chef of the Year competition in New York City. Thomas took an even larger bite of the Big Apple in 1998, when he moved to New York, and as Executive Pastry Chef, helped famed restaurateur and chef Daniel Boulud launch his flagship eatery Daniel on Manhattan's Upper East Side. During his time in Gotham, Thomas was singled out as one of the Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America by Chocalatier and Pastry Art and Design magazines and saw his star further rise when he made several appearances on Martha Stewart Living and other international television shows.
In 2000, the wild nature and scenic beauty of Canada's West Coast again beckoned to Thomas, and he returned to Vancouver. In between working as a consultant for a number of elite Vancouver restaurants and hotels, Thomas realized a lifelong dream by methodically building his namesake company. What started as a home-based business occupying one room in his basement has evolved into a dynamic and stylish chocolaterie, patisserie and cappuccino bar that launched in North Vancouver in 2004 and quickly became a destination spot for locals and visitors alike. In 2009, Thomas and Lisa opened a second location to similar rave reviews on West Broadway in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. 
In keeping with family custom, Thomas eschews the notion of assembly lines and mass production, trusting instead in the deft hands of his talented team of 38 pastry chefs, chocolatiers, and front of the house staff whose finesse and sensitivity is lovingly expressed in each and every hand-spun confection.
 To this day, Thomas still carefully selects and sources only the finest, high-quality raw ingredients for his chocolate creations, ranging from B.C. wine, oak barrel-aged maple syrup from Quebec, Tahitian vanilla beans, fresh citrus zest, loose-leaf teas and organic herbs and spices. His cakes and pastries are likewise adorned with authentic accents such as Fraser Valley hazelnuts and berries and Okanagan fruits and infused with fresh-roasted coffee as well as liqueurs from Alsace and the Black Forest region where he once called home. 
While Thomas is a world away from his roots in the Haas family cafe, the values on which he was raised remain ever true: a commitment to excellence driven by a genuine passion for food, his co-workers, and the people he serves.