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Purchasing Standards
Cacao Sélection Felchlin describes the philosophy behind the selection and purchase of cacao by Felchlin. It includes the cacao charter and guarantees its content; the purchaser personally travels regularly to the cacao farmers, cooperatives and partners on location. Long term contracts and agreements offer an attractive and interesting prospective for cacao producers that is both ecological and economically worthwhile.

A strategic aim of Felchlin is to procure cacao of the highest quality and complex flavor directly from the origin. Naturally, farmers are rewarded with higher prices for their additional efforts and extensive know-how. Felchlin only imports cacao with origin designation. This builds the basis for the processing in Schwyz; the production of couverture from cacao with a defined origin. In this way it is possible to guarantee the traceability of the cacao 100%.

Felchlin Head of Purchasing, Felix Inderbitzin, says..
“I have been working for Felchlin for more than 24 years. When we first started producing chocolate, we were the ones seeking to set up long-term contracts with growers to plan for the future, and to make their farms sustainable. Today, we receive a tremendous amount of emails from growers and cooperatives that are interested in working together with Felchlin. They highly value the long-term contracts, and the high payments they receive
for their cacao beans. We work only with small families and cooperatives, and our genuine agreements are based on trust, transparency, and profound mutual respect.”


Cacao beans for Felchlin chocolate are purchased directly from the source.
We aim for long-term contracts in order to guarantee our farmers and cooperatives’ security.