Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie | FAQ

I am allergic to nuts, what kind of nuts are you using?
Our facility uses pistachios, almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts - traces of these nuts may be present in all of our products.
Do you have any gluten-free products? *
We have a huge selection of gluten-free chocolates, cookies and cakes:
-Chocolate bars
-Chocolates (except Crispy Hazelnut)
-Pate de Fruit
-Chocolate Lollipops
-Confection line (except Crispy Hazelnut)
-Chocolate covered nuts
-Chocolate Sparkle Cookies
-French Macarons
-White Chocolate Kalamansi Cake
-Chocolate Caramel Brownie
-Coffee Chocolate Cake (98% gluten free)
Do you have any Egg-free products?
Our chocolate products are all egg-free:
-Chocolate bars
-Pate de Fruit
-Chocolate Lollipops
-Confection line
-Chocolates and Truffles
-Chocolate covered nuts
Do you have any Sugar Free products?
Our 43% & 61% chocolate bars are sweetened with maltitol sweetener
Do you have any vegan suitable products?
Our Pate de Fruit (Fruit Jellies)
Do you have any Dairy free products? 
Our dairy free products are:**
-Pistachio Marzipan chocolate
-Dark Chocolate bars
-Pate de Fruit
-Chocolate covered nuts (except Espresso beans & 43%; Pistachio & matcha)
-Dark Bark Confection
-Dark Bark bites Confection
Do you have any Nut free products? 
Our nut free products are:***
-Manjari Cake
-Lemon lemon Tart
-Valrhona Chocolate Trio
-Chocolate bars
-Ginger & Chocolate Confection
-Orange & Chocolate Confection
-Chocolates & Truffles
 (except: Jamaican Rum, Green Cardamom, Pistachio & Marzipan, Noisette, Caramel Pecan and Crispy Hazelnut)
* may contain wheat
**may contain traces of milk
***may contain traces of nuts
 Our products are made on shared equipment that processes wheat, nuts, dairy, and eggs.
Organic Fairly Traded Chocolate     
As artisan chocolatiers, we are constantly striving to find the balance between the best quality product, environmental conscientiousness and organic farming. Our cocoa/chocolate comes from organically grown cocoa plantations from South America, the Caribbean and Grenada. To guarantee consistency of the highest quality product, we make every effort to build a close relationship with our two chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland and France and their cocoa farmers from South America. As a result, we are able to ensure that the chocolates that we use are fairly traded, some of it certified by the "Rainforest Alliance". Approximately 60% of our chocolate is organically grown.    
Social responsibility and sustainability in cocoa procurement
Ethical trade emphasizes corporate social responsibility, particularly for companies from the Northern Hemisphere trading with partners in the South (suppliers, sub-contractors, or primary material producers located in these countries).
Ethical trade aims to uphold minimal social and environmental conditions, which are based on recognized international standards, such as those of the International Labor Organization advocating for employees' rights (minimum wage, freedom of association, etc.); ethical trade also favors social advancement for employees of these businesses. Ethical trade encourages and develops optimal working conditions for producers.
          Click here for Felchlin's information regarding sustainability and purchasing standards
Artificial Flavours and/or Colours
All of our ingredients are all natural and of the highest quality.  We do not use any artificial flavours and preservatives.  Our cocoa butter colours are all FDA/FDC approved and most of them are extracted naturally from fruits and vegetables.