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At Thomas Haas Chocolates & Patisserie, we take great pride in ensuring that the last course is the LAST thing you have to worry about on your very special day! Thomas and his team of award-winning pastry chefs are on a mission to provide you with the best in wedding cakes and favours as well as desserts and confections. Before your wedding day, we offer a consultation and tasting during which we can customize the cake of your dreams or help you select a design from our own portfolio. At your request, exquisite handcrafted sugar or chocolate flowers will leave you with a stunning memory of your very special day. Your complete confidence is assured when it comes to both the beauty and taste of your last course.

Our wedding cake concept is composed of a showcake of your choice and design 

plus the dessert of your choice from our cake list. 

Please note: We do NOT offer edible tiered wedding cakes! 

 1.) Showcake

Showcakes are non-edible and for presentation only. The showcake option allows you
 to have your preferred wedding cake design displayed as a centerpiece without the worries of temperature, sunlight or location. All showcakes have a cutting slice for picture taking. If requested, your custom dessert can match the design. Showcakes allow:

    - The bride and groom to have the best of both worlds — the exact cake design that they want, as well as the freshest possible cake for dessert.

    - A very delicate cake to be served, as it can be held in the refrigerator, while the showcake can sit out for guests to admire all day or night.

    - The ability to choose any dessert from our extensive menu.

  Our showcake prices for your budget planning:
2 Tier (10" in diameter bottom tier, 6" top tier): $395
3 Tier (14" bottom tier, 10" middle tier, 6" top tier): $495
4 Tier (14" bottom tier, 12" second tier, 10" third tier, 8" for the top tier): $695
5 Tier (14" bottom tier, 12" second tier, 10" third tier, 8" fourth tier, 6" top tier): $895
This includes custom design and tiers, hand piping, ribbon and other fine delicate accents. Handcrafted sugar flowers or other elaborate sugar/chocolate designs are priced separately and start at $75. Fresh flower decorations are to be provided by your florist.

2.) Dessert of your Choice 

Choose any dessert from our extensive dessert menu. If requested we can customize your decor, pre-cut all dessert on the day of your wedding - ready to be served. Dessert prices for your budget planning: $5.95 per serving (minimum order of 50 servings)


A 45-minute wedding consultation and tasting of five of our cakes is $75. A follow-up confirmation of all details will be sent by e-mail. If you would like to come in for a subsequent consultation, there will be an additional $45 (or $75 including a second dessert tasting). All wedding cake consultations take place at our North Vancouver location.
Please contact us via email at to set up a consultation appointment. Be sure to provide us with your wedding date, number of guests, wedding location and the style of cake you would like in your initial e-mail. Please note that we cannot accommodate consultations on Saturdays.

Secure your wedding date:
To provide you with the best service possible, we only accept a limited number of bookings per weekend. To secure your wedding date, we require a $200 deposit (non-refundable).
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