Both stores are OPEN Tuesday - Saturday, 8am - 5:30pm.

Dear Friends & Customers, 

Our COVID-19 operations:

We are operating according to government and health official guidelines -- disinfecting surfaces regularly, washing hands frequently and following proper sneezing and coughing etiquette. 

At this time:

  • Same day orders are not available. Orders will be taken in-store only, on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Please pre-order online before 4pm for the next day.

  • No curbside delivery to your car. 

  • As per current health regulations, we do not require proof of your BC Vaccine Card.

Pre-paid pick up is available throughout the day and we ask that you come to the counter and let us know you have a pre-paid order. 

While we implement the precautionary measures, we are also trying to curb unnecessary anxieties.  We will continue to do so by adapting and adjusting these measures and continuously update according to the advice of our government and health officials.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding,

The Thomas HAAS Team